Thursday, November 04, 2004

Post Zero

My zeroth post on software development, business and programming concepts (a broad range, but should cover all need to know topics for people in IT!) . After 10 years in IT and start-up companies I finally feel like I might have some things to say about getting software off the ground and paid for by customers. In a nutshell its hard, extremely hard!

Wow there cowboy, lets qualify that last comment, rank it, digest it and put it in perspective. Ok, is it harder than a degree from Cambridge University in Engineering, for want of a better example? Or maybe, job interviews? Or presentations? Or say competing in the Olympics?

Ok, so academically it is probably easier than a Cambridge Degree, interviews and presentations are a walk in the park, and the Olympics is likely to be more physically demanding (let's face it typing really does only tax a few minor muscle groups), but ...

... it takes the dedication of an international athelete, the business and technical smarts of a Bill Gates and the tough sales driven attitude of Steve Ballmer to get the business off the floor and making money.

But how do I go soooopeeeer nova like Chad and Stev (Youtube founders) or Larry and Sergey (Google founders)? I've no idea, please refer to one of their biographies for inspiration, or alternatively I'll sell you one.

STOP, of course I have an idea, given that Youtube sold to Google, you need to create a company, raise loads of money, get loads of people using your software and sell it to Youtube, thus extending the chain and increasing Google's e-domination. So, an automated tool to generate good content :-0

What remains to say? Well, maybe a few hints and tips, some juicy reviews of the current state-of-the-art-or-is-it-a-science and some anecdotes taken from the front line. Bye for now, Mark

P.S. To blogger, please can you update your software to update my date when I update my post.

P.P.S Published 23rd November 2006