Thursday, December 28, 2006

Book Review: C# Cookbook by O'Reilly

C# Cookbook is well worth purchasing and is aimed at moderate to advanced level C# developers. It gives good coverage of all the major system libraries and programming techniques and includes "recipies" on all the advanced .Net 2.0 functionality.

I typically end up purchasing 3 types of book on any new language I am learning. These include:
  • Simple Practical Introductions - step-by-step guides that have plenty of examples and cover both the programming language and the development environment (I have managed to skip buying these recently in favour of internet tutorials)
  • Reference Books - these cover all the core libraries associated with a language including all classes and their public interfaces
  • Advanced Guides - specialist topics covered completely and in depth

C# Cookbook does not fall neatly into any of these categories. The Cookbook is about as close as any book to being a single source for C#. This is because it gives loads of practical examples (which are well written and not hacks), covers all the major areas and solves advanced problems. You need look no further to delve deeply into threading, generics, anonymous functions, collections and xml. Happy reading!


At 7:20 am, Blogger Valery said...

Great book review!And what do you know about such French cookbook as "Simple French Food"?


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