Thursday, January 25, 2007


Having spent a good few hours looking into functional programming -> and what a revelation it has been. I thought I would scout out F#. F# is a functional language (with object-orientated and imperative coding acceptable as well) based on top of .Net. I am not sure whether adoption of F# will be very high as C# and VB.Net are going functional (more so) in .Net 3.0 with support for lambda expressions and LINQ.

Even more interesting was finding out that the key developers of the language are based at Microsoft, Cambridge, which is just down the road from me. Their research homepage is here and the lead developer Don Syme's blog is here.

Whilst I'm at it here are the sites of some of the guys I know at Microsoft, Cambridge. They are worth looking at for the cool research in Machine learning and vision.

John Winn's homepage
Oli Williams Cambridge University page


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